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Graeme WhiteVeronica CouganThe Nursery is run by Graeme White and Veronica Cougan. We specialise in quality native bushfood plants for the home gardener and commercial grower. Our varieties are selected for their superior fruiting and leaf qualities.

There are about 250,000 species of flowering plants in the world. Given this biodiversity it is perhaps surprising that, with 10,000 years of settled agriculture, only about 100 species have been cultivated as significant food plants and only about 20 constitute the staple foods of the developed and developing world.

It is estimated there were upwards of 5000 different bushfood plant species across Australia utilised and harvested seasonally by Aboriginal people. For centuries 'bushfood' plants have been an integral part of our indigenous people's staple diet and lifestyle. Today these native foods are being rediscovered by contemporary Australians and used in ways as varied as our multi-cultured backgrounds.

Experience the satisfaction of growing your own native bushfood plants and enjoy the wild taste of the rainforest.

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